400+ Good Captions for Instagram 2022

Many people enjoy expressing their feelings and emotions with captions. Looking for Good Captions for Instagram posts? Make your IG posts eye-catchy with a caption and an appropriate emoji.

Posting on Instagram is a great way to express your feelings. To show your emotions to your followers, upload your best photo..

Good photo captions should be attention grabbling and have something unique about it. It should have something related to the post itself but make it stand out of the crowd. It is absolutely necessary nowadays for you to have good captions for Instagram. People look at the captions as much as they look at the posts you make because your caption describes the mood of your post. So, here are the samples that we have been promising you to create good IG captions.

Good Captions for Instagram 2020

Here we have listed 300+ good captions for Instagram in 2020, that you can use on your Instagram photos. Good Instagram captions includes wise sayings, inspirational and motivational quotes and other photo captions for best friends or friendship.

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Good Instagram captions of 2020 (Wise sayings)

  • If you’re ever scared about not being a good person, remember bad people don’t care about being better.
  • Was I happy because I was free or was I free because I was happy?
  • Be the reason someone believes in good people.
  • My diet plan: make all of my best friends cookies; the fatter they get, the thinner I look.
  • Every day may not be good but there’s good in every day.
  • I don’t have a lot of friends, but I have the best friends because I choose quality over quantity.
  • What if the princess wants to be with Bowser but Mario keeps kidnapping her
  • Talking to your best friend is sometimes all the therapy you need.
  • I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendship!
  • I need a six month holiday, twice a year
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a plane ticket, and that’s kind of the same thing.
  • Hold on to the memories, because life changes so quickly that sometimes that’s all you’re left with.
  • If you’re honestly happy, fuck what other people think.
  • Don’t be easy to define. Let them wonder about you.
  • It’s so simple, but sometimes, a good day just means having a good cup of coffee and smiling even when nobody’s watching
  • Yea, dating is cool but have you ever had stuffed crust pizza?
  • Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.
  • Is Google a boy or a girl? Obviously a girl because it won’t let you finish your sentence wihtout suggesting other ideas
  • There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just have choose the right people to go through this with.
  • I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and too hot for you.
  • Become the storm you are hiding from, a hurricane doesn’t run from the rain.
  • Embrace every change that comes your way because some things happen only once.
  • Best Friends make good times better and hard times easier!
  • They start missing you when they fail to replace you.
  • I hope we’re friends until we die and then I hope we stay friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people.
  • It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me because I know who I am, and I am damn proud of it.
  • To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
  • Make yourself available to people. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on, someone’s 4a.m. call, someone’s saviour. You never know how you can change someone’s life, maybe even your own.
  • A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.
  • Soon when all is well, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad that you never gave up.
  • Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.
  • My circle is small because I am into quality, not quantity.
  • Changed all my passwords to incorrect, then every time I forget my password, it says “your password is incorrect”
  • I don’t know any perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.
  • You’ve always had the power dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. – Wizard of Oz.
  • If you want to succeed, you have to let failure be your best friend!
  • I’d rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I’m not. – Kurt Cobain.
  • Truth is, I’m crazy for you. And everyone can see that but you.
  • I know I’m lucky that I’m so cute.
  • Trying to forget it but the memories are too strong
  • I think you are lacking Vitamin me!
  • Come live in my heart and pay no rent.
  • I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
  • By the way–I’m wearing the smile you gave me.
  • For a moment, forget all right and wrong. Just think of what makes you happy and do that.
  • Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
  • Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star.
  • Imagine the love we could all have if we left our egos at the door.
  • We grow up and realise everyone is hiding behind their smiles, behind their words.
  • Travel doesn’t become ADVENTURE until you leave yourself behind.
  • Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.

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Good Quotes for Instagram 2020

In this list we have added 150+ good Instagram quotes that you can use as IG photo captions as well. If you want more Insta captions you can check Cool Instagram Captions 2020

good captions for happiness

Good captions for Instagram on happiness

  • Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.
  • I will love you ever more when we are old and gray.
  • Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.
  • Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.
  • We balance each other out so perfectly.
  • Don’t ever try too hard for love. Focus on yourself, do what makes you happy, what helps you grow. Love will find you when the time’s right. It’s just one of those things that will be if it is meant to be.
  • When the sky loses its sun to the ocean, there’s no sorrow, just the beginning of a better tomorrow.
  • True love doesn’t make excuses. If you love them set them free. If it’s meant to be, it will be.
  • I’ll hold you when things go wrong; I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn.
  • Oh, you’re a model? What’s your agency, Instagram?
  • An oldie but a goodie.
  • My relationship status? Netflix, Oreos, and warm-up pants.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • The best mistake to never repeat is to never cry for the same problem twice.
  • Now we’re screaming just to see who’s louder.
  • I’m here for a good time not a long time
  • You are the compass that guides me in life
  • Familiar acts are beautiful through love.
  • Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.
  • Every path has obstacles, but it is up to you to continue to smile and walk that path.
  • I can be changed by what happens to me. but i refuse to be reduced by it.”
  • Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.
  • How you carry yourself reflects what you think of yourself.
  • We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
  • Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.
  • They say tongue is the strongest muscle of the body. Wanna fight?
  • Some days start better than others.
  • Truth is, I’m crazy for you. And everyone can see that but you.
  • Sometimes life can surprise you with a happy coincidence
  • One does not simply “Let it go”.
  • Apparently, I’m good at giving relationship advice. Ironically, I’m Single
  • Travel far enough you meet yourself.
  • When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.
  • You have my whole heart for my whole life.
  • And then you came along, and my life become beautiful.
  • Love has many forms, true love is an unspoken force that can only be felt, not spoken.
  • Today I will be as useless as letter g in lasagna.
  • Is Google a boy or a girl? Obviously, a girl because it won’t let you finish your sentence without suggesting other ideas.
  • It’s so beautiful when a boy smiles.
  • The problem was very clear. It was me. I was holding myself back.
  • Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.
  • I’m really not cranky. I just have a violent reaction when I meet stupid people.
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  • I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain’t never gonna do it any different.
  • A little birthday party they said, it’ll be fun they said
  • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
  • A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
  • Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.

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Good captions for Instagram for foodies (pizza)

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More Good Instagram Captions 2020 for Photos

Still looking for the best and good captions for Instagram? We have added more good Instagram captions and more & more are added every week.

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Good captions for Instagram on cookies (diet)

  • Good Times + Crazy Friends = Great Memories!
  • Single and waiting is better than taken and faking.
  • Girl, I have to call you back.
  • If you really love someone, you would not purposely do something to hurt that person.
  • Before spending time trying to find someone, you must first find yourself.
  • No job is complete until the selfie is posted
  • But first, let me take a selfie
  • Cinderella never asked for a prince.
  • Be yourself; there’s no one better.
  • You’re my favorite place to go to when my mind searched for peace.
  • Calling me cute is nice, calling me hot is great, but calling me yours is all I want.
  • Less Monday, more summer, please.
  • We are children of the bad revolution. We will party till the end of our lives.
  • You can’t do epic shit with basic people!
  • Have a seat, we were expecting you.
  • Love is not handed out, you must be patient, you must be brave and you must have faith.
  • Be happy; it drives people crazy.
  • I will either find a way or make one.
  • Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.
  • Keep your heels, head, and standards high.
  • My attitude is based on the way you treat me.
  • Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent.
  • I’ve finally counted.
  • My boyfriend is so Handsome, looking all Invisible and shit.
  • OMG, that’s so cute.
  • Life isn’t perfect..But my Hair is!
  • Beauty is power, a smile is its sword.
  • I’m single and its staying like that until I’m absolutely sure I meet someone worth the try.

Good captions for Instagram on holidays

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So, here we have provided you with some good Instagram captions for your Insta posts. We promise you that if you use these you will definitely end up getting more likes and comments on your posts. Your followers would love to see the good captions for Instagram on your posts.

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